Gates Unicoil

Bend straight hose into any shape

The Unicoil™ consists of a coil and a bendable spine welded to the coil. By simply positioning the Unicoil™ on the straight hose and by using hand pressure to bend the spine, you can form almost any shaped rubber hose in seconds.

The metal spine holds the hose in shape; the stainless steel coil prevents the hose from collapsing or kinking.

Multiple coils can be used when more than one bend on a hose is required. Unicoil™ is the perfect solution for quick repairs, customised engines, long lead times, out-of-stock situations and for one-of-a-kind routing problems. It is the logical, cost- and time-saving solution for rubber hose applications. And what′s more, all Gates straight hose are compatible with Unicoil™!

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Gates Unicoil

Key Benefits

  • No tools or special equipment needed
  • User-friendly: it only takes seconds to shape the hose
  • Allows fast, efficient and on-the-spot repairs
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Limited range offers maximum coverage